Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Happy Graduation Strangford

Well, today is the day that the class who made the music video for "Get Up" graduate. Their teacher Leah McBride asked me if I wanted to send them a message that will be read during the ceremony, and this is what I wrote.

Dear Strangford Class of '08,

Through your creative talents and expression you have shown people around the world the new Northern Ireland. For you embody the dreams of peace that your parents dared to dream so many years ago when they chose to support integrated education. The long promised bright future with opportunities for all citizens is now being placed into your eager and capable hands. Embrace it. Your moment in history has been centuries in the making. You the class of 2008 inherit the peace dividend and with it can make whatever you wish for your lives, for your country and for the world. That you so generously shared your abundant talents in this music video is something for which I shall always hold the deepest gratitude. Your radiant young faces have given thousands of people across the globe a glimpse into your hopeful corner of the world, and reminded all of us of what is possible when we act with courage and love. Happy Graduation. Congratulations. And thank you.

Love always,

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Sun into Cancer: Going with the Cosmic Flow with Love

Remarkable as it is to realize, we are nearly halfway through 2008. On June 20th the Sun shifts into Cancer, marking the Summer Solstice. Presently the large outer planets Jupiter, Neptune and Pluto are retrograde, and on June 27th Uranus joins them. The Sun, Venus and Mercury are all heading out of the intense mental energy of air sign Gemini into watery Cancer. Planetary fireworks are around the corner with August’s eclipses (the 1st and 16th), and tangible options are being made ready to manifest once the Sun moves into earthy Virgo and Jupiter and Pluto turn direct in early September. This year’s passage of the Sun through intuitive and nurturing Cancer is our Cosmic opportunity to chill. Introspection, reflection and ease are the order of the days to come. In embracing the energies and insights of the forthcoming conditions, we are very likely to access the pearls of personal wisdom that will inform the eventful times to follow. Relax and receive.

First, on the significance of so many of the influential outer planets being retrograde simultaneously, most people understand retrogrades through their experience with Mercury, who can be quite the prankster with gadgets and timetables when he goes backwards. He goes direct on June 19th, and fortunately for all of us, having most of the powerful outer planets retrograde for the next several months does not mean that we are going to have to keep rescheduling appointments, replacing tech toys and leaving voicemail messages. Each of these planets has its own unique attributes and they are quite different from those of familiar Mercury. The pertinent aspect of retrograde energy that will be helpful to keep in mind is that it pertains to a time of review. We get to go over things. The retrogrades of the immense outer planets suggest that it will be the big picture aspects of life that we deal with at this time. Fellow heavy weight and taskmaster Saturn, though direct, will also contribute amply to this no stone left unturned process because it is moving through meticulous Virgo. For the resistant and impatient, this could prove to be a very challenging time. For the openhearted and receptive, the “answers” will be generously given. These truths will be empowering and will create a profound sense of peace. Issues that may have been troubling us for months can be laid to rest, for good. And decisions taken at this time can come with the greatest serenity. This is why listening to one’s inner knowing with trust and openness during the Sun’s journey through caregiving Cancer is so important. The path to tranquility and joy can truly be revealed to us.

On August 1st we begin the next set of eclipses. While these will be especially significant for Leos and Aquarians, they alter things for all of us. Eclipses shed light. And this time, as the Sun will be in attention-demanding Leo, the realities they illuminate will simply be impossible to ignore. If we allow our deeper wisdom to emerge during this season of Cancer, the eclipse energies can be harnessed and directed in support of our intentions and Purpose, so long as those are in alignment with the Higher Heart and Divine Will. On September 7th generous Jupiter, still in pragmatic Capricorn, will go direct, and on September 8th Pluto, now in spiritually sensitive Pisces, will also go direct, enabling some of those bigger pieces of the puzzle to fall into place in the physical plane. So as we initiate this summer season with Cardinal Cancer, know that cosmic reality checks will continue as often as the solutions to problems will appear.

Earlier this Spring, through her work with author and teacher Eckhart Tolle, Oprah laid some solid groundwork in the collective cultural conscience for the days on the horizon. For ten weeks she and Tolle taught millions of people throughout the planet how to experience and practice more presence. Whether you participated in the online event or read “A New Earth” is not important, though they are excellent resources. What this cycle of Cancer offers us is the opportunity to practice the awareness of presence and to experience its gifts. In this deeply loving, healing and intuitive sign, we can get to the heart of all matters and align ourselves with Divine Guidance and Purpose. Dive in!