Friday, January 16, 2009

Sun into Aquarius - Embracing Liquid

In order to become a butterfly, a caterpillar must undergo chrysalis, the portion of its evolution in which its form turns completely into liquid. How apt a metaphor this is as we enter the Sun sign of the water bearer or “carrier” Aquarius in 2009. During this cycle of Aquarius we will experience the year’s first set of eclipses, work through the rest of Mercury’s retrograde and have another Saturn Uranus opposition. And all of this will be taking place while Pluto churns through conventional Capricorn and conservative Saturn retrogrades in Virgo, while Jupiter, Neptune and Chiron amplify the innovative and futuristic energies of Aquarius. We’re in pupal territory.

The Aquarius season starts on Monday, January 19th at 2:40 P.M. PST when the Sun will be greeted by newly arrived and generous Jupiter, spiritually minded and dreamy Neptune and Chiron, the force dedicated to healing our wounds. Aquarius’ quest for the common good, fellowship and Universal love and understanding will set the stage for the inauguration of President Obama, who’s rising sign is also Aquarius. With a Cabinet of wise advisors, we should see a hopeful and sober agenda set by this Administration.

In terms of policy, Jupiter’s expansive outlook will want to add billions to the next stimulus package, Neptune’s unrealistic perspective will consider resources bottomless and Chiron will seek to heal the wrongs of the previous Administration. Those lofty ideals are well and good, but Saturn being retrograde in detailed Virgo and truth demanding and revealing Pluto in cautious Capricorn will constantly question rosy assertions. Add Mercury’s retrograde stance during the first twelve days of the new Obama Presidency, and we’ll likely see numerous revisions to initial proposals.

As I noted in early November, when our first Saturn Uranus opposition occurred on Election Day, themes of conventional wisdom being challenged by new ideas will be the order of the days ahead. And on February 5th we have the second of these cosmic confrontations. Perhaps the vote on the latest stimulus package will take place about that time. If not, the debate will likely be in full swing. Liberal Uranians will call for a New Deal of unprecedented governmental spending while Conservative Saturnians will earnestly question how much more can be added to the $47 trillion public and private debt America has amassed without total economic collapse. And in your own life, expect to feel the drive toward the new and pull from the old hit an intense point in early February.

Adding to the Universal prompt to change will be two eclipses, on January 25th and February 9th. As the sun rises in the morning, we can count on eclipses to change our lives. The degree to which any given set effect your world largely depends on your individual chart. To get your personal bearings, I highly recommend a reading with my talented colleague and top-notch astrologer C.A., especially if you are an Aquarius or a Leo, Aquarius’ opposite sign. At 12Listen and 12Angel change will take the form of a completely remodeled pair of websites that will be introduced during these eclipses (and Mercury retrograde).

As you can see, the Universal chorus is singing of “change” and clearly asking us to envision the future, to scrutinize ideas and aspirations for their soundness, and to do so from a point of inspiration and community. This is the cosmic call to “keep your feet on the ground and keep reaching for the stars,” as Casey Kasem used to say. So as you navigate the push and pull of the coming cycle, see the multi-colored wings of butterflies fluttering about majestically on a warm Spring day. A much greater sense of where it all landed will be yours by mid May when Saturn turns direct during the Sun sign of grounded earthy Taurus. In the meantime, embrace the inevitable liquid.