Sunday, December 20, 2009

Sun into Capricorn - Quiet Passion

In Winter’s silence lies the voice of inner truth, beckoning us to calm down, sit still and be quiet long enough to glean its ageless wisdom. In Winter’s stillness lies a dormant world of possibility, one intent on embracing solitude, reflection and rest. The absent birds will return and the bare tree branches will again flourish, but not now. This is the time when energy operates on levels so subtle that they are barely perceptible. On December 21st at 9:47am PST the Sun moves into stoic, conservative yet ambitious Capricorn where Pluto, Mercury and the North node are already positioned. This solar cycle will see Venus voyage through this cardinal earth sign, a Mercury retrograde, two eclipses, the onset of a Saturn retrograde and Jupiter’s entrance into Pisces. It sounds action-packed and it is. The action however, is taking place beneath the surface. To those focusing on the external world, the inevitable delays inherent in retrograde periods (Mercury, Mars and Saturn) along with Capricorn’s cautious pace will feel frustrating and consternating. To those honoring this Universal offering of time for review and reinvention and the call for measured movement, this cycle will be illuminating and liberating. The key for unlocking this Capricorn cycle’s gifts is quiet passion.

Capricorn is a cardinal sign which means that its purpose is to initiate, to spur us onward. Capricorn is also the most conservative sign of the zodiac. The dance of taking action and remaining reserved is a intricate one. In it each step is carefully considered, deliberate and finally animated. This year five planets will come under pragmatic Capricorn’s influence simultaneously, along with the North node (our future direction), so a heavy dose of this impressive energy is at hand.

Venus joins the Sun, Mercury and Pluto in Capricorn on December 25th where she will be in residence until January 18th. Mercury will begin its retrograde on December 26th and will turn direct on January 15th. Mercury in grounded Capricorn can help us get ahold of our thoughts when we’re being overrun by them or allowing them to take us too far out there. It is also a tremendous aid for coming up with down to earth solutions and realistic plans for realizing our dreams. Also assuring us of reliable Guidance during this cycle will be Pluto in Capricorn.

Pluto above all else brings a deep abiding truth to all matters. Think about the energies of the recent Scorpio cycle to recall Pluto’s unrelenting intensity. Pluto in Capricorn offers us the chance to get real about our dreams and aspirations and the ability to completely transform our lives in very concrete, measurable ways. Capricorn offers us the drive and stamina to reach those goals. To attain that success, this duo demands that we dedicate ourselves to our desires by taking very practical, consistent steps toward them. Like no other sign Capricorn extolls the virtues and accomplishments of hard work. With Mars, ruler of passion, recently turning retrograde in Leo, the energies of ambition, drive and desire will only be amplified (see C.A. Brooks’ recent articles) during this cycle. Mars turned inward manifests as resentment, rage and bitterness. Mars combined with the honesty Pluto in sober Capricorn brings to our lives now can unravel the unpleasantness and get us back on track to enjoying life and reaping its richest rewards. We only need to follow the truth of heart’s desire and wisdom and act accordingly.

Like some sort of Cosmic check and balance, or conspiracy depending on your viewpoint, Saturn, Capricorn’s stern ruler, is sitting in Libra 90 degrees away from all things Capricorn. If we’re way off track or trying to get by with shortcuts, fuzzy math or excuses, the challenges will be formidable, disagreeable and unavoidable. If on the other hand, we are listening to and following our Guidance and doing the work required to achieve our objectives, Saturn’s waves will be favorable, supportive and encouraging. Doors will slowly open As if to underscore his point, the taskmaster will be begin his retrograde motion on January 13th.

Adding a little more fuel to this slow burning awakening of our passions will be two eclipses, one on December 31 with the full moon in Cancer and the other on January 14th when the moon will be in Capricorn. Saturn’s alignment squares both eclipses, and these eclipses will be in those provocative cardinal signs. To soften the blows or perhaps to enlighten us as to the spiritual reasons for what’s showing up, loving Jupiter enters mystic Pisces on January 18th. The unspoken language of creativity available throughout Jupiter’s sojourn through Pisces offers both retreat and intrinsic guidance. Delving into otherworldly Piscean realms through dance, music, writing and art may well be the master key to understanding the messages now being transmitted from the Cosmos. With that esoteric meaning found, the Capricorn conspiracy will help us put it to use and into form. Happy Winter Solstice!