Saturday, September 20, 2008

Sun into Libra: Truth, Justice, Peace & Love

Autumn Equinox takes place on Monday, September 22nd at 8:44 A.M.. On September 9th Pluto turned direct and pulled up a lot of old residual emotional energy for people. That and the full Pisces moon on September 15th gave us an opportunity to do some deep heart clearing in preparation for this very important change of season. This autumn will take us through the Sun cycles of Libra, Scorpio and Sagittarius, will include 2008’s final Mercury retrograde, and will see Neptune and Uranus turning direct and Pluto entering Capricorn, a cycle it has not transited since 1762-1778.   

This year’s Libra cycle will host the last of 2008’s Mercury retrogrades (September 24th - October 15th).  Mercury greatly influences communication and information, and its retrograde cycles are ideal for reviews and revisions.  Have you noticed that this year all of the Mercury retrogrades have taken place during the Sun’s passage through air signs while Mercury has also been in air signs?  Libra, symbolized by the scales, strengthens the mind’s ability to weigh all of the facts. Ruled by Venus’s loving energy, Libra deeply desires balance and above all, harmony, so invites us to stand in the other person’s shoes and to consider all points of view. And look what just happens to be taking place at during this Libra Mercury retrograde cycle.

First presidential debate:
Friday, September 26
University of Mississippi, Oxford, MS
Vice presidential debate:
Thursday, October 2
Washington University in St. Louis, MO
Second presidential debate:
Tuesday, October 7
Belmont University, Nashville, TN
Third presidential debate:
Wednesday, October 15
Hofstra University, Hempstead, NY

Libra’s unrelenting quest for truth, justice and ultimately peace will permeate the air and psyche of the American voter.  Under these intellectually alert astrological conditions, 2008’s debates will give the candidates the chance to define and articulate their positions more clearly and voters the opportunity to scrutinize these statements most keenly. And with Mercury’s penchant for bringing information from the past to light, who knows what stories from a candidate’s past might surface sometime between September 24th and October 15th?  

In terms of what has become this year’s most important political issue, the economy, we will continue to be forced to face the cold, hard facts.  Jupiter went direct in staunch pragmatic Capricorn on September 7th and Saturn is still making his uncompromising way through detailed Virgo.  Add the previously mentioned Mercury retrograde to the mix, and more information about the mismanagement of our financial system and institutions is highly likely to emerge.  In the end, Libra’s judicious approach to the “fuzzy math” will tee us up perfectly for the life-and-death energies of the Scorpio cycle and Election Day. 

So, as seismic shifts take place around us and the campaign for the White House intensifies, remember that astrology is a tool of empowerment.  It reassures us that everything runs in cycles and is ever-changing.  If some of the headlines are hitting a little too close to home, you can take comfort in the ancient and wise adage that “this too shall pass.”  Astrology vividly describes the conditions influencing our lives and shaping our world and explains the options available to us at any given time.  Enlightened with this knowledge, we are in a better position to calculate, consider and decide.

In part two of this three part-series I’ll take a close look at the astrology of Election Day 2008, relish in all things intense and Scorpion and add more planetary perspective on the activities of the large outer planets.  They are the ones doing the heavy lifting behind the scenes, subtly and slowly reshaping our reality.  Some of these revolutionary changes begin this Autumn. And did I mention that a certain pair of websites are having birthdays in November and that a very special new website is being created for me (and you)? In other Autumn news, we're hosting an in-person psychic fair in Denver which I'll be attending on September 27th, a dear friend is having her first book published in October, I’m heading back into the recording studio to record a new song in November, work mates are launching their own radio shows and my producer Peas is going to release a beautiful holiday CD called “A Christmas Chill.” It’s a collection yuletide favorites done up in hip downtempo style and it’s gorgeous. I’ll let you more about all of this in the coming weeks.

And I can't close this post without thanking everyone who has said a prayer for my cat Boris. Having him purring away in my lap as I sat on my patio enjoying my morning cup of coffee today, our routine, made me so grateful again to have him with me as we go into another season together. So often this Spring it was uncertain as to whether or not he would indeed still be here by now. He's such a precious and loving soul and words cannot convey the depth of my appreciation for his recovered health and the love and support so many friends, clients and colleagues have so generously extended to us over these long months. Thank you so much. Happy and Loving Equinox to you!

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Psychic Fair in Denver/Update on Boris

Ok, so I'm very excited about this. I'm heading to Denver where I'll be meeting a lot of the Light Workers and cleints I've been working with online for the past 18 months at And our site's founder Mark Husson is having a Fair for us to do in-person readings on both Saturday and Sunday. I'm only working on Saturday, b/c, after all, it is a vacation. And I can't wait to have a little time off to see the Rocky Mountains. If you'll be in the Denver area on the weekend of the 27th, you can call 303.777.1112 to book a reading.

In other good news, and I've been meaning to post about this for weeks, Boris is doing very well. He's my 13-year-old cat who was diagnosed with IBD this past spring. It was rough on both of us and his twin brother Nicholas. But, being the little trooper that he is, he's pulled through it. We (finally!!!) found the right diet - thank you to the people in the world who make clean, healthy pet food these days. It saved his life.

I want to thank Mavis, idara, Chris, Mark, Keith and everyone from work who kept this sweet little guy in their prayers. Your loving energies really helped the both of us. And I could not be happier to see him back to normal, except for maybe sleeping a little more than he used to. But with a cat, how exactly do you really know? Is it 20 hours of sleep a day or 21? Anyway, I'm just extremely grateful that he's doing so well and is out of the woods.

With love and extreme gratitude,