Friday, December 3, 2010



Welcome to my 12 Days of Giving Promotion. This tradition began a few years back and is one I really look forward to each year. For 12 days in December, the 1st-12th, I pick a winner from the day’s readings and award a daily gift. It’s my way of saying thank you. To qualify, simply join my email list and have a reading with me of five paid minutes or more. At the end of each day I will draw the daily winner.

OK, for those who know me well it is no secret that I love tech toys. As apps have become more popular, so has my enjoyment of them. Being a full-time Lightworker, it’s also no wonder that I’ve begun exploring and playing with the Divination ones. The Goddess Tarot is an app, several of Doreen Virture’s Angel decks are apps, there's an Avalon deck app and Louise Hay even has an affirmation calendar app.

To share my love of these oracular gadgets, I decided to put them on this year’s gift list. And because Friday is just the best day of the week, instead of picking only one person to win today, I’m turning up the seasonal spirit by giving a Divination App to each person who is a member of my email list and who has a reading of five paid minutes or longer with me on Friday, December 3rd. Winners get the app of their choice, from that Goddess Tarot, to any of Doreen Virtue’s apps, to the Avalon app by Colette Baron Reid, to Louise Hay’s 2011 Calendar app. I will be giving phone and chat readings live from 2-5 P.M. PST on Friday, December 3rd and will send one app to each winner as a gift via iTunes. You may click here to book a reading so that a time is reserved for you. Let’s see what’s ahead for you in 2011 and celebrate technology, a full week before Mercury goes retrograde next Friday!

In the meantime, to get you in the mood for free and inspiring apps, check out the free Hay House Radio app which allows you to listen to all of their amazing and uplifting programming anytime from your iPhone, iTouch or iPad. This one is a regular for me and I think you’ll come to love “radio for your soul.” Lastly, big congratulations to Carolyn from Idaho. She is the winner of Day Two’s 12 Free Minutes.

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